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Ph.D. Goal 4


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Degree Program:  Ph.D.

Goal 4:  Students will be able to teach college-level courses in their areas of specialization



Did Not Meet Expectations
Limited Accomplishment


Met Expectations
Some Problems
Needs Improvement


Met Expectations
Considerable Expertise Shown
With Project


Direct or indirect measurements and/or measurement links.


Evaluation assigned to learning objective.







Complete instruction of assigned college course or classes within course

Problems in course administration; poor instructional style; student interaction difficulties

Adequate course organization; Some difficulties in course administration

Good course administration; Favorable student comments




Assess student teaching evaluations for each course taught by a Ph.D. student

Student teaching evaluations below College average for course

Student teaching evaluations meet College average for course

Student teaching evaluations exceed College average for course



Benchmark:  Recommendation for improvement will be made for each objective where assessment of learning does not include 70 percent or more of students assessed in the Exemplary category based on the learning outcome rubric scale.
Assessment - Fogelman College of Business and Economics - The University of Memphis