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MSBA Goal 4


MSBA Goal 1 MSBA Goal 2 MSBA Goal 3 MSBA Goal 4

Degree Program:  MSBA

Goal 4:  The student will be a problem solver.


Did Not Meet Expectations
Limited Accomplishment

1  2  3


Met Expectations
Some Problems
Needs Improvement

4  5  6


Met Expectations
Considerable Expertise Shown
With Project

7  8  9


Direct or indirect measurements and/or measurement links



Assessment assigned to learning objective

Apply theories/
concepts and facts to solve problems

Has difficulty in applying theories/
concepts to solving problems

Demonstrates competence in applying theories/
concepts to solving problems 

applies theories/
concepts in solving problems

Exam in

FIR 7155.


Critically evaluate arguments, theories/
concepts, and recommendations

Unable to critically assess alternative arguments

Can assess alternative arguments but needs improvement in explaining why

Can assess alternative arguments well and can explain her/ his reasoning well

Exam in

FIR 7155.


Benchmark:  Recommendation for improvement will be made for each objective where assessment of learning does not include 70 percent or more of students assessed in the Exemplary category based on the learning outcome rubric scale.


Assessment - Fogelman College of Business and Economics - The University of Memphis