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MBA Goal 2


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Degree Program:  MBA

Goal 2:  Graduates will be technologically competent.


Did Not Meet Expectations
Limited Accomplishment




Met Expectations
Some Problems
Needs Improvement



Met Expectations
Considerable Expertise Shown
With Project



Direct or indirect measurements and/or measurement links



Assessment assigned to learning objective

Demonstrate proficiency in the use of business application software packages for financial analysis of data.
May enter data and get output, but only weakly understands the capabilities of the software, or does not understand the output and cannot interpret it correctly. Understands the data requirements of the software and can use it to generate useful output, but still struggles in the interpretation of the output.
Thoroughly understands the capabilities of the software and its limitations and can apply those capabilities to routine and non-routine settings.

FIR 7155 - Case Analysis or Exam.


Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the internet to collect relevant business research data.
Can follow basic directions and perform basic searches on popular search engines, but has limited capability to engage in searches involving nonstandard or advanced search routines.
Can effectively and efficiently locate basic information from both public and private (e.g., library) sources. Can identify current, detailed and appropriate information on specialized topics and can assess the reliability of the information collected. MIS 7650 - Project or Test.


Demonstrate proficient use of current communication technologies to gather, organize, transmit, and present information in a manner that enhances business processes and productivity.
Can generate a basic presentation, but has difficulties in integrating presentation advanced capabilities of the communication. Demonstrates more advanced competency in the use of technology in communication and presentation.  Is able to create a professional presentation, but one that is less effective than it could be. Creative and very proficient in the use of technology for communication and presentation.  Presentations are very effective.

SCMS 7110 - Market Research Analysis Project or Assessment of Business Operations Project.


Demonstrate proficiency in the use of analytical tools and their applications.
Demonstrates a limited understanding of the available analytical tools.  Has difficulty in applying the tools to common settings or cannot assess whether the assumptions of the tools have been met.
Able to correctly apply appropriate analytical tools to textbook-based settings.  Demonstrates a limited ability to apply appropriate tools in more complex and realistic settings. Thoroughly understands the capabilities and limitations of available analytical tools and is able to correctly and creatively apply these tools in both routine and non-routine settings. SCMS 7110 Market Research Analysis Project or Assessment of Business Operations Project.


Benchmark:  Recommendation for improvement will be made for each objective where assessment of learning does not include 75 percent or more of students assessed in the Exemplary category based on the learning outcome rubric scale.


Assessment - Fogelman College of Business and Economics - The University of Memphis