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EMBA Goal 3


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Degree Program:  EMBA

Goal 3:  The graduate will be a critical thinker and problem solver.


Did Not Meet Expectations
Limited Accomplishment

1  2  3


Met Expectations
Some Problems
Needs Improvement

4  5  6


Met Expectations
Considerable Expertise Shown
With Project

7  8  9


Direct or indirect measurements and/or measurement links



Assessment assigned to learning objective

Develop an effective strategy for solving business problems

Proposed strategy demonstrates misconceptions about important tools or frameworks necessary to address the core problem

Proposed strategy addresses most of the issues related to the core problem, but one or more key elements is missing

Proposed strategy is complete and addresses all important elements of the problem

BA 7717, SCMS 7110, and MGMT 7160



Implement a strategy to create an effective solution to business problems

Results of analysis demonstrate fundamental misunderstanding of a tool and/or framework for solving the problem

Satisfactory analysis was performed, but conclusions and recommendations lack depth and/or insight

Conclusions and recommendations demonstrate ability to synthesize a diverse set of results into a coherent and complete solution to the problem

BA 7717, SCMS 7110, and MGMT 7160



Effectively evaluate potential solutions to business problems

Evaluation of proposed solution(s) misses important issues

Evaluation of proposed solution(s) demonstrates basic understanding of important issues, but lacks clear and/or compelling support for positions taken in the appraisal

Evaluation demonstrates an ability to assess viability of proposed solution(s) and provides clear and compelling support for positions taken in the appraisal

BA 7717, SCMS 7110, and MGMT 7160

Evaluation of alternative planning and operations scenarios



Benchmark:  Recommendation for improvement will be made for each objective where assessment of learning does not include 75 percent or more of students assessed in the Exemplary category based on the learning outcome rubric scale.


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