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EMBA Goal 1


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Degree Program:  EMBA

Goal 1:  The graduate will be an effective leader.



Did Not Meet Expectations
Limited Accomplishment

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Met Expectations
Some Problems
Needs Improvement

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Met Expectations
Considerable Expertise Shown
With Project

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Direct or indirect measurements and/or measurement links



Assessment assigned to learning objective

The graduate will assess and support the learning and development of others.

The student does not fully understand the basic concepts of leadership, or how to apply them to a work setting in order to motivate others. The student understands at least the basic principles of leadership and can apply them to enhance the performance of others. The student has a clear understanding of both basic and somewhat more advanced leadership principles, and can apply them to enhance the development and performance of others.

MGMT 7421 

Group Project


The graduate will organize and lead a team to collective group accomplishment.

The student is unable to fully motivate and lead a team to accomplish organizational objectives while completing a group project or case analysis. The student can accomplish at least short term and fairly straightforward team objectives by organizing and coordinating team performance while completing a group project or case analysis. The student exhibits strong organizational and leadership skills while serving on a team during completion of a group project or case analysis.

MGMT 7421


Group Project or Case Analysis


Benchmark:  Recommendation for improvement will be made for each objective where assessment of learning does not include 75 percent or more of students assessed in the Exemplary category based on the learning outcome rubric scale.


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